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Discover the unrevealed parts of Kyoto.

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Take the challenge and explore off the beaten path.

Kyoto Central Wholesale Market

Kyoto Central Wholesale Market or the Kyoto Central Wholesale Market.

The tuna auction starts between 5-5.30am.

Unlike the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, it is free entry. How good is that!

North Side Highlights of Kyoto

This takes you to a temple made of gold, to a castle, a palace and into the world of manga!

East Side Highlights of Kyoto

Explore the eastern side of Kyoto at your own pace.

Take a bus, cycle or walk. Break up the trail over

different days so you can enjoy at a relaxed pace.

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The last Ageya in Kyoto

Ageyas were not brothels but were upper-class establishments where guests could have meals whilst being entertained by geishas. The very last remaining ageya is found in Shimabara, Hanayacho Street, Kyoto. Shimabara used to be known as the courtesan or geisha area of Kyoto in its heyday during the Edo period.

Ancient Kyoto

Discover the history of Kyoto spanning back 2000 years. Travel back to the past, captured in its ancient temples and architecture.

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Time Zone for Kyoto, Japan

Our time in Kyoto, Japan is UTC/GMT +9 hours.

Weather in Kyoto, Japan



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