Enjoy and relax in this newly renovated Japanese Machiya
learn how to sit seiza, the japanese way on the zabutons.
Relax with a private dinner here away from the crowds or plan out the next day's adventures here.
Spacious dinning area to enjoy your meal with your love ones.
Wet Bathing Area
Bathing area is equipped with climate control and automated bath water settings. Set your bathroom to heat up and preset your bath water temperature to your liking. You can even preset your bath to autofill. Enjoy a soothing soak.
Dry section with a washer and vanity. A hair dryer is inside the bottom drawer. Toiletries can be found in the mirror cabinet.
Automated toilet-bidet.
Folded futons in the rooms.
Arrange them in any configuration you like.
Comes with thick underlays for a comfortable sleep.
Arranged as a futon lounger.
Snuggle up for a little bedtime reading before bed.
The balcony upstairs.
Our place. An entire double-storey machiya building is yours to enjoy.
Ikkyu-ji Temple, Kyotanaber, Japan.
Imperial Palace garden grounds, Kyoto, Japan.
Kinkakuji surrounds. Kyoto, Japan.
Along the Uji River.
Arashiyama Bamboo grove. Kyoto, Japan.

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